Saved people serve people, as Jesus did. God made you with special gifts, abilities and talents.
You have probably picked up a few extra along the way as well.
Get started today using those God-given blessings to make a difference!

For even the Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve...

Mark 10:45

At Living Word Church, we love to serve! We believe serving represents Jesus and His kingdom. It's also the kind of leadership He demonstrated. Take your first step by signing up for our Next Steps class.

Serve at Living Word Church

Use your unique gifts to help build the Kingdom.


We provide safe, exciting environments for kids to grow, make friends, and learn relevant, foundational truth. Kids have a blast making friends and connecting with God! From the moment a child is dropped off to the moment they are picked up, our volunteers keep them safe and engaged while teaching them about Jesus in a way that's simple and engaging!


We believe in our teens and want to see them live boldly for Jesus. We want students to feel safe to be themselves, share their struggles, and experience Jesus-victories in their schools, families and within themselves. We tackle the hard stuff, but we love having fun too! Join us in helping students experience Jesus by being a part of our team.

Guest Experience

Our Guest Experience Team provides the first smile, handshake and ‘hello’ to our guests. This team helps each guest feel engaged and encouraged. From finding someone a great seat to serving a hot cup of coffee, this team helps strangers become friends.

Praise Team

Every week, Praise Team members lead the congregation in worship to God through music. Skilled vocalists and musicians use their talents to help the church connect with God through music. At Living Word, we make a big deal about expressing our love and adoration to Him through songs.

Media & Tech

The Multimedia Team make our post- and live-production happen! Behind the scenes, they make sure our guests have a great sound and sight experience. This team helps with audio, video, lighting, media projection and more. Everything that you see on the screens and everything you hear is because of this amazing team that works hard to make sure everyone has a great audio and visual experience.


We are a community that laughs together, cries together, celebrates and mourns together. The strength of uniting together in life’s greatest joys and sorrows is one of the most amazing things about our church. If you love to care for others, we encourage you to join our Care Team.

Volunteer FAQ

How do I volunteer?

We want everyone to be a part of the life of the church through volunteering. We believe that when we serve others, we receive more in return. In order to serve at LWC, we ask for you complete our Next Steps 2 class, and then sign up to volunteer. After that, we will connect you to the leader of the area(s) in which you desire to serve.

What is required to serve with Kids or Youth?

We take the safety of our kids and youth seriously, so we properly vet all volunteers desiring to serve in these areas. We do that through references and background checks.

Are there other areas to serve not listed above?

Yes! There are many ways to serve that are not listed here. Please contact us and we can give you other serving options!

Sign Up To Volunteer

Thank you for your desire to join our team and serve at Living Word!
We will contact you soon to help you get started.